Most bizarre looking flashlight

Heard the phrase ‘form follows function’ before? This cannot be more apparent with this strangely proportioned flashlight that takes our award for the most bizarre looking flashlight.

And the winner is…

Kikkerland FL13 Flat Light Super Thin Flashlight

flat light The FL13 sits nicely into your back pocket. It’s a great little EDC (every day carry) flashlight that is lightweight, obviously compact and still has some power behind it.

At only 2.5 inches long and 1.75 inches wide, the futuristic Kikkerland flashlight can be a handy little number on your keychain and hardly breaks the bank at $6.52.

Requiring just one CR1220 battery, the FL13 is certainly a cool gift for either a fellow flashlight enthusiast for a laugh or else a child’s present for their bedside table.

You can buy the FL13 on for $7.99$6.52


Another contestant for the most bizarre looking flashlight was…


Swann FlashlightDVR – Flashlight, Digital Video Recorder and Camera

swann-flashlightdvr-digital-video-recorder-and-camera-3The Swann FlashlightDVR is oddly proportioned for a reason. Not only is it a heavy-duty flashlight but you can also video and take photos, even in the dark with built-in infrared night vision!

It gives you the opportunity to capture any crazy things you may come across whether you’re on duty, camping or perhaps looking for an elusive UFO.

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