4 Common Flashlight Holster Styles

One of the must have accessories to equip yourself with is a flashlight holster. In many tactical situations, having a flashlight quickly and easily accessible is a necessity while being able to store it close by and in a safe location. There are a number of types of holsters and sheaths that can suit the different needs you may require. They provide protection for your flashlight and are usually constructed using polymers, nylon, leather or sometimes even aluminum for the more heavy duty requirements.

We’ve collated a list of a few of the main and readily available styles to help give you a guideline of what path to follow. Here are some popular examples:


Belt holster


More often than not, people will usually be wearing a belt whether it’s while on duty or casually.

Often people in tactical situations will be equipped with a gun, mag and other equipment that have various belt attachments, so a specific belt holster for your flashlight is a no brainer.

There are different styles, some have a simple strap-like shape that provides sufficient coverage to secure the flashlight, while others provide a fully enclosed pouch. If you are more interested in protecting your flashlight rather than focused on being able to draw it out of a holster quickly, then a closed pouch may be the best option for you.

Generally the designs are to suit 2.25″ (58mm) belts but also 2″ (50mm) or 3″ (76mm) too. Need a spot for your mag or another piece of equipment? There are also a range of multi-holsters that primarily can hold mags on your belt alongside your flashlight for tactical situations.





sheathThe general key difference between a sheath and a holster is the style and the fabric it’s made from – usually a woven fabric to create a slim profile case to provide protection and save on space.

Available in a wide range of colors including camouflage, sheaths are a thing of pride for tactical enthusiasts and often handmade by the dedicated hobbyists.

They are available a range of sizes and shapes to suit almost any flashlight and enable easy fixing to your belt.




Leg holster

leg strapA leg strap allows a hands-free fully adjustable holster to suit anyone after a tactical style. Suitable to hold the likes of Streamlight Stinger, a leg holster can be hidden underneath clothes and provide plenty of protection for your flashlight.

These are certainly not the most common of holster styles but are something to consider if you are unlikely to be wearing a belt and require a safe, discrete spot to store your flashlight.

The leg holster is not necessarily for everyone should you want the ability to draw it quickly, but is a consideration for certain situations.



Clip on holster

clip-on holsterA clip on holster allows easy release of the flashlight and can be fixed onto belts or clothes with it’s polymer or metallic clip.

It’s a great hands-free, simple solution with the added benefit of easy, quick access to your flashlight.

The only downside is that it’s not as permanently fixed as a belt holster, but is useful for more temporary measures.



Other uses for your holster

Should you chose not to carry a flashlight on a particular day or have a spare holster, you can still put it to good use. You can hold your Leatherman, Inhalers, other types of knifes or perhaps Hunting Calls in your pouch.

There are a range of holsters that are compatible with the most common tactical flashlights such as the Surefire 6P and Streamlight Stinger ranges, not to mention the Pelican 7060. We recommend going with a manufacturer specific design, e.g. If you have the money, buying a Surefire branded holster for your 6P is always the best way to go.

Here is a fantastic tactical flashlight holster made by Surefire to suit a range of their best lights:

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