2014 January

Streamlight TLR-3 Review

Streamlight TLR-3 ReviewStreamlight’s top rated tactical gun mount model TLR-3 is lightweight, compact and affordable. The C4 LED emitter produces a substantial 125 lumens for 1.5 hours from a single lithium battery, not bad at all.   Size Weight Battery Emitter  Max Lumens  Run time @ Max output 10″ L x 2″ D 4.57 Oz 1* 3V CR2 lithium... Read More »

What is the Highest Lumen Flashlight on the Market?

Whether you require a high lumen flashlight for activities such as search and rescue missions, pure self defense at home or other personal uses it is often difficult to find a high grade tactical flashlight that is available for the general public. Well known flashlight manufacturer Surefire dominate the tactical flashlight market, and have produced... Read More »

Top 5 Handgun Lights

A handgun light are a specific design of tactical flashlights that is mountable to a Handgun or even a Long Gun, providing a hands-free light on a firearm. The best of the handgun lights are manufactured by the likes of Surefire and Streamlight, with most tactical flashlight brands opting to focus on more performance based handheld... Read More »

What is the Brightest Tactical Flashlight?

After scouring through the various tactical flashlights available on the market, we’ve put together a list of the 10 brightest tactical flashlights. The total amount of visible light emitted by a flashlight is most commonly measured in lumen. To get a rough idea, if you are wanting to navigate a dark room or read a... Read More »